How It Works

How It Works

    This system was structured to run on a simple 3/4 matrix system, to guaranty us the most expected results through a systematic approach, the approach that should be able to facilitate successful crowd funding to help us build our way into a financial freedom of abundance more conveniently. This 3/4 matrix system was built and structured to facilitate the push for everyone who comes on board this company to earns laudable streams of incomes, as well as residual benefits till infinity. 3/4 matrix system is a process where we refer the three (3) persons who becomes our business partner or associate to fill up our 3 slots, and they in turn should do the same thing just like you did to enable the matrix get fill up faster. Because the faster the matrix get fill up, the better our chances to earn and to enjoy all benefits within our compensation plan.

We have planned the best compensation plan that should benefits everyone who comes on board our platform, particularly the tbcians. it is meant to cause regular cash flow and other incentives for our members. Most companies that run the same matrix system of this nature only pay their members when the matrix is filled, but here - No, we don’t do that, we pay you at every level and also when your matrix is completely filled. This is a very massive cash flow system that comes with a difference, check out our unbeatable compensation plan for more details. 

The 4 levels are:

level 1 is called Feeder level

Level 2 is called the Silver level

Level 3 is called the Gold level

level 4 is called MASTER level