How It Works

How It Works

                                                                  LET US SHOW YOU HOW IS DONE

                                                                                                A 3/4 FORCE MATRIX SYSTEM

This system is well structured to produce effective results, in such a way that it makes the processes of building your way to abundance more convenient. It is one of the simplest structure that enable you get to the top roll for a successful earnings till infinity. A 3/4 matrix is a process where you introduce your 3 persons and your 3 person introduce their own persons, and their own 3 persons introduce their own persons and so on and so forth. So that the moment you come on board the platform, it is expected of you to introduce your 3 person, the 3 person that should fill up your 3 slots, and your 3 persons are to do the same, to enable the matrix fill up faster. Because the faster the matrix get fill up the better the chances for fast earnings and also to enjoy all benefit in our compensation plan.

We know what you want therefore, we have planned the best compensation plan for you, it is meant to cause regular cash flow and other incentives for our members. Most companies that run the same matrix system only pay their members when the matrix is filled, but here - No, we dont want you to wait for your matrix to get filled before you are paid. We pay you every level and also when your matrix is completely filled. This is a cash flow system check our unbeatable compensation plan for more details.

The 4 levels are:

level 1 is called Feeder level

Level 2 is called the Silver level

Level 3 is called the Gold level

level 4 is called MASTER level