Our CompensationPlan

Detailed compensation

It's not limited to finance alone we have other incentives attarched


The compensation plan is uniquely structure to enable you earn streams of incomes base on how your matrix get fill up. Because the quicker your matrix get fill up the faster your earnings, and the richer you becomes. The compensation plan goes like this.

LEVEL 1 FEEDER: You earn N2525:00 with a product of Hero-xy worth N1500:00

LEVEL 2 SILVER: You earn N40250:00 with an incentive worth N5000:00

LEVEL 3 GOLD: You earn N239,375:00, with incentive worth N100,000:00

LEVEL 4 MASTER: You earn N9,681,250:00, with a brand new car worth N5,000,000:00


2)     A house of your own

3)    An international trip

       An automated account to earn till infinity

      Congratulation ahead of time, while waiting to see you up there on top in due time, one more time congratulation.        


Here is an opurtunity to become financialy free. Registration is free And simple.

At your feeder level you earn N3500:00 each from your direct 3 persons, which makes it a total of 3500:00x3=N10500:00, You will be upgrade to level 2 with N10000:00 and your balance of N500:00 plus your Matrix bonus of N2025:00 making it a total of N2525:00 is paid into your account alongside your incentives of N1500:00 will be added to you. 

referal bonus = N3500
The people in your "FEEDER LEVEL" move out to join you in this stage. There is a Step Out Bonus of N1000.
referal bonus = N5000, With food items worth N6,000

This is where your account will generate the total sum of N675000:00 from the 27 people in your 3rd down line to enable you earns N12,500:00 from each of them as they upgrade to your account, making it a total of N12500:00x27=N337,500:00. out of which we takes N250,000:00 for your upgrade to level 4, which is the master level, while the remaining balance of N87,500:00 will be paid into your account, along with the matrix bonus of N151,875:00, making it a total of N239,375:00 will be paid into your account, alongside the incentive of your choice from the list of items worth N100.000:00.  

referal bonus = N239,375:00 With incentive worth N100,000:00
This is a 3 by 4 matrix. Anytime YOU complete the GOLD and move to MASTER Level 4 YOU are in line to receive a step out bonus of whopping 100,000 when your member joins you on MASTER LEVEL.
referal bonus = N100,000. With house hold items worth N50,000